Jorge Zamora

Jorge Alberto Zamora, EIT

BS Civil Engineering

MS Computer Science

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About Me

I have a passion for Software Engineering and because of that, have a diverse background in various technologies and tools in the field. I just finished my Masters in Computer Science at USC and excited about opportunities in the industry.

I have tried my hands in Social Networks, Digital Multimedia/Image processing, Front End & Back End Web Development, Mobile Development, and Database designing & development, using various programming languages like C/C++, Java, Perl, ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, MySQL, and Postgres. I am also skilled in data portability with JSON, XML, and a ton of relevant frameworks and API's.

Currently exploring Software Engineering opportunities and excited about what the future holds in web and mobile space. If you are looking for a Software Engineer with a very diverse background, and feel like my skill set is something that can be an asset to your company, please get in contact with me so we can discuss the opportunity.



Research Universities that allowed me to hone my computer science skill set while working 30+ hours at my employer and being a full time student


University of Southern California - 2012

MS in Computer Science - Specialized in Web Applications and Mobile Development

Courses Taken:
  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Database Systems
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Web Technologies
  • Advanced Mobile Devices and Game Consoles
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines
  • Computer Vision
  • Multimedia Systems Design
  • Software Architectures.
UC Irvine

University of California - Irvine - 2009

BS in Civil Engineering - Concentration in Computer Applications

Minor in Information and Computer Science - Bren School of Computer Science

Activities and Societies:
  • Sigma Nu Fraternity
    • Best New Initiate Award
    • Outstanding Brother of the Quarter Award
    • Outstanding New Initiate UCI Greek Awards (Nominated)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society
  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers

ITunes University

Standford University - IPad and IPhone App Development - In progress


Various diverse computer science projects over the years from Multimedia Systems to Software Architecture and Web Applications

Social Networking - Soundcloud for Video - Soundcloud for Video

LinuxApacheMySQLPHPJavascriptHTML5 CSSjQueryRegular ExpressionsJSON Youtube APIFacebook API

Social Networking - Hispanic Social Network - Hispanic Social Network

LinuxApacheMySQLPHPJavascriptHTML CSSFlashActionscriptRegular Expressions XMLJSON

Non-Profit - Transforming the lives of inner city kids through computer education - Transforming the lives of inner city kids through computer education

LinuxApachePHPJavascriptjQueryHTML CSSRegular Expressions

InstaTrip - Faking Vacation Post Cards

InstaTrip - Faking Vacation Photos

LinuxApachePHPJavascriptHTML5 CSSjQueryJSONFlashfoto APIDropbox API Sincerly API500px APIAviary API


Hackathon - Professional, World Class, Athletic Financial Guidance Planning - Professional, World Class, Athletic Financial Guidance Planning

LinuxApachePHPJavascriptHTML5 CSSjQueryJSONSendGrid API USA Today APIGoogle Image API

Digital Multimedia
Video Indexing and Searching

Indexing and Searching - Using Media Metrics and Heuristics


Developed an A/V interface and computed sets of metrics that scan the video/audio and extract quantitative descriptors used to efficiently index and search into contectually similar video segments.

Penguin Runner - Iphone Mobile Game

Penguin Runner - Iphone Mobile Game


Digital Multimedia
DCT Based coder-decoder for image compression

DCT Based coder-decoder for image compression and simulating various decoding modes


Digital Multimedia
Re-sizable image/video jigsaw puzzle

Re-sizable image/video jigsaw puzzle


Displayed and manipulated media objects dealing with signal processing problems such as resampling and aliasing to create a re-sizable image/video jigsaw puzzle

Web Apps
Flash Graffiti Web Application

Flash Graffiti Web Application


Web Apps
Sigma Nu Fraternity - Fraternity Social Network

LinuxApacheMySQLPHPXMLJSON Facebook APIHTMLJavascriptFlash

Weather Android App

MyWeather - Android App

Regular ExpressionsAndroidJavascriptHTML JSONPerl

Artificial Intelligence
Ken Ken Solver

Ken Ken Solver


I have a lot more projects left to put up on my website. Please stay tuned as I add them in the coming days.

Here's a list of some of the projects that I still have to add with detailed descriptions and demos:

Web Development
FabFlix - DVD Rental Website

Adobe Flash
Flash Skinable MP3 Audio Player

Software Architecture
C4 Phone System - C2 Architecture utilizing DRADEL

In The News

In the News

Awards, Accomplishments and News Articles received throughout my career


Orange County Engineering Council - 2012 Young Engineer Award

Recognizing the best of the best in engineering for Southern California by presenting awards in a broad range of categories. These presentations acknowledge outstanding individual and project achievements.

Jorge Zamora - OCEC 2012 Young Engineer Award

PhotoHackDay3 - San Francisco at Dropbox HQ - PhotoFly Pitch - July 14-15, 2012

Watch the video below for our Photo Fly pitch!

Diversity Careers

Diversity Careers - Transportation professionals smooth the path on land, in air and at sea - 2012 (Oct/Nov)

BIM Structure Collisions BIM Utility Collisions BIM Google Earth Model ExportArticle Excerpt:

For AECOM's Jorge Zamora, persistence pays off
AECOM (Los Angeles, CA) provides fully integrated professional technical and management support services for transportation, energy and water systems, environment, and new buildings and communities.

Jorge Zamora, EIT, is a civil engineer III with the company. Since joining AECOM in 2000, he has been involved in almost every discipline in civil engineering, including utilities, traffic, highway design, and site development. Currently, he is heading up efforts to push the limits of building information modeling (BIM).

Zamora is designing and building a BIM model for the Interstate 710 Corridor in Southern California. This $5.3 billion project for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is designed for exclusive use by heavy-duty trucks. The 3D BIM models provide advanced conflict detection with surrounding utilities and proposed structural improvements. Construction is expected to begin in 2020.

Determination to fulfill a dream
Zamora graduated from the University of California-Irvine in 2009 with a BSCE. In 2012, he received an MS in computer science from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA). He attended school full time and worked thirty hours a week at AECOM.

Zamora says the family computer his father bought in the late 1990s put him on his current path. Computer science became his number one love. But it was his persistence that secured a job with AECOM.

"I applied for an entry-level CAD position. I emailed my resume and waited for a call, but I didn't hear anything. I called the office and asked to speak to the CAD manager. After two weeks, when I didn't hear back from him, I decided to go to the office and ask to meet him. He showed me around and gave me an impromptu interview. When I didn't hear back again, I went to meet him once more. I brought my laptop with me and showed him some of my programming expertise with Visual Lisp. He said, 'You know Jorge, I wasn't going to hire you. You have the least experience out of all the possible candidates, but I love the fact that you're persistent, you show initiative. How soon can you start?'"

Zamora received the 2012 Orange County Engineering Council's Outstanding Young Engineer award and a 2007 High Achiever award from AECOM.



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Visit my Linkedin profile! Visit my Facebook profile! Visit my Github profile! Visit my Twitter profile! Visit my Soundcloud profile! Visit my Google+ profile! Visit my Instagram profile!